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2005 World Exposition
Aichi, Japan

expo 2005 aichi japan

Official Mascots: "Kiccoro (Forest Child)" and "Morizo (Forest Grand Father)"
(Mascots' pictures from the 2005 World Exposition website)

About the 2005 World Expo
Name: The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan
Location: Nagoya Eastern Hills(Nagakute Town, Toyota City and Seto City)
Duration: 25 March - 25 September, 2005 (total of 185 days)
Expected number of visitors: 15 million (estimate)
Theme: Nature's Wisdom
Participating Asian countries

Web Resources
Expo 2005 Official Website
Expo 2005 (Unofficial website)
Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 2005 World Expo
New York Times' "Futuristic Theme for a Familiar Format at Japan Expo" (Article requires subscription)
U.S. Pavilion World Expo

Last Updated July 27, 2012

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