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Resources on SARS for Educators

SARS virus As awareness of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Coronavirus Pneumonia (CVP) has exploded, it has become a media phenomenon impacting many aspects of society. This site is designed by the Asian Education Media Service (AEMS) to help educators navigate the more than three million web pages which address the issue of SARS and to create informed, balanced lessons on the subject.

General Information
World Health Organization: Main SARS Page
Center for Disease Control: Main SARS Page
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: More information on the Civet Cat
Hong Kong: Aircraft not a high risk environment for contracting SARS

Economic Impact
USA Today: Chinatowns are hurt by SARS rumors
Spiked Risk: The cost of SARS
NY Times: Australian Fishermen Hurt by Fear of SARS (Free Sign-in Required)

Weblog on Death Risks from SARS
USA Today: Unmasking SARS' irrational fears

SARS Control Policies Berkeley turns away students from SARS-hit regions
Honolulu Advertiser: Governor of Hawaii works to dispel SARS rumors

Evaluations of SARS Coverage
Spiked Online: WHO's to blame for the SARS panic?
Canada TV: WHO travel advisory met with anger, disbelief
SARed and Feathered

Last Updated July 27, 2012

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