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University Outreach

Asian Studies Development Program
Course syllabi and bibliographies for teaching Asian studies collected by this Program of the University of Hawaii and East West Center during the course of its five years of college and university faculty development institutes and workshops.

Columbia University, Asia for Educators
This site offers teaching aids (workbooks on China and Japan, lesson plans on China, Unit Plans on China and Japan, and guides for history and literature), resource lists (recommended curriculum resources, travel programs, language programs, related links), and a library of short multi-media discussions on Japanese and Chinese history and literature.

Duke University, Asian/Pacific Studies Institute
List of resources, awards, grants and other training and education programs.

East-West Center
Fellowships, grants, programs, events, and publications.

Rice University
Offers programs for secondary school teachers desiring to incorporate more Asian content into their courses.

University of Hawaii, School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies
List of resources, conferences and education programs.

University of Oregon, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
List of programs, events and funding opportunities.

University of Pittsburgh, Asian Studies Program
Offers pre-K through 16 teacher training workshops and educational events for middle and high school students.

Yale University, Program in International Educational Resources (PIER)
Offers information about the programs, resources, and services of PIER of the Yale Center for International and Area Studies. The PIER Teaching Resource Collection offers thousands of print and audio-visual materials for free-loan to K-12 and college-level educators.

East Asia
Choices for the 21st Century Project, Brown University
Offers information about curricular materials and professional development and public programs of this educationalprogram (at Brown University's Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies) seeking to engage the American public in the consideration of international issues. Among the curricular materials are two units on China (China on the World Stage: Weighing the U.S. Response) and Japan (Ending the War Against Japan: Science, Morality, and the Atomic Bomb).

Cornell University, East Asia Program
Grants, resources, publications, and a wide array of scholarly and cultural events.

Five College Center for East Asian Studies (FCCEAS)
Offers information about the programs and services of the FCCEAS. Includes the Resource Center Library catalogue of curricular materials available on a free-loan basis to New England educators, the FCCEAS Newsletter, and information about institutes and workshops.

Harvard University, Fairbank Center for East Asian Research
Seminars, research projects, and postdoctoral fellowships as well as a Taiwan Studies workshop.

Indiana University, East Asian Studies Center
Offers information about the Center and other East Asian resources at the university and K-12 resources including teacher's guides published by Columbia University's East Asian Curriculum Project.

Stanford University, Center for East Asian Studies
Fellowships, grants and resources designed to promote interdisciplinary communication between scholars whose research and teaching focus on East Asia .

The Program for Teaching East Asia (TEA)
Conducts national, regional, and state projects designed to enhance and expand teaching and learning about East Asia at the elementary and secondary school levels. Specific projects focus on curriculum development, professional development for teachers, and curriculum consultation and reform related to Asia in K-12 education.

University of California at Los Angeles/University of Southern California, East Asian Studies Center
Listings of some curriculum guides and videos. Links to other resources.

University of Chicago, Center for East Asian Studies
Seminars for high school and community college educators, library grants for Midwest faculty, and a seminar series with the World Trade Center-Chicago for those doing business in/with East Asia .

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Offers a wide variety of multimedia resources and outreach programs to educators, the public, and media and business professionals and is home to AEMS

University of Pennsylvania, Center for East Asian Studies
Contains resources for K-12 teachers and students including lesson plans, summer institutes, and the Phila-Nipponica program.

University of Washington, East Asia Resource Center
Offers information about work of Center including: summer institutes, workshops and seminars, materials development, and Newsletter.

University of Hawaii, Center for Chinese Studies
Research, grants, publications, conferences and community outreach (including a Chinese language immersion sports camp).

University of Michigan, Center for Chinese Studies
Features the China Mirror Curricular Initiative which provides authoritative, balanced and current resources on China and includes lesson plans for high school teachers.

Japan Information Center at Earlham College
Offers information about the services available from the Center. Features an online form to make requests for information. The Center is a satellite center of the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications (JCIC).

JP Net Japanese Language and Culture Network
A project of the Japanese Language and Culture Program at MIT, this site offers information about reading Japanese on the Web and university-level Japanese language and culture programs, articles about the Japanese language, Web-based curriculum materials developed at MIT, and links to Japan-related sites.

North Carolina Japan Center
Statewide resource for all citizens, universities, companies and institutes in relations with the Japanese and provides info and resources for Japanese citizens living in North Carolina.

Purdue University, Japanese Language Projects
Offers a guide to using Japanese email, reviews of computer-assisted language learning software, and information about freeware developed by Purdue University faculty.

University of Michigan, Center for Japanese Studies
Features Japankits, a collection of materials for K-12 students to explore culture and life in Japan . Also provides Japan-related videos, houses the Japanese School of Detroit and offers Educator Exchange programs.

University of Michigan, Korean Studies Program
Offers cultural events to the Ann Arbor community.

South Asia

Columbia University, Southern Asian Institute

Cornell University, South Asia Program

Columbia University ExEAS (Expanding East Asian Studies)
The Expanding East Asian Studies (ExEAS) program seeks to create innovative courses and teaching materials that incorporate the study of East Asia in broad thematic, transnational, and interdisciplinary contexts.

Syracuse University, South Asia Center

University of California at Berkeley, Center for South Asian Studies

University of Michigan, Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies

University of Pennsylvania, South Asia Regional Studies

University of Virginia, Center for South Asian Studies

University of Washington, South Asia Center

University of Wisconsin, Center for South Asia

Southeast Asia
Cornell University, Southeast Asia Program
Information about the program and its publications. A curriculum guide to Indonesia. Listings of films and videos in its collection and available for rental within the continental U.S.

Northern Illinois University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

University of Hawaii, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Listings for slides, film strips, videocassettes, workbooks, books, games, catalogs, mini-packets, teacher-aid packets, and lessons available for loan in Hawaii, for purchase, or for free. Includes order form.

University of Michigan, Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies

University of Washington, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

University of Wisconsin, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Last Updated: July 24, 2006

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