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Film and Video Libraries

American Friends Service Committee Video and Film Library
Collection of videos and films on human, social and political issues available for loan nationwide.

Five College Center for East Asian Studies, Resource Center Library
Books, curriculum materials, slides, videos for free loan to New England educators.

Japan Foundation & Language Center in Los Angeles
Books, curriculum materials, and videos for free loan to teachers of Japanese language and culture nationwide.

Syracuse University, South Asia Center, Video Library and Teaching Resources Videos and teaching resources for free loan.

University of Chicago Video Libraries
East Asian Film Library: Huge collection of videos for University of Chicago faculty, course assistant, and graduate student use only.
South Asian Film Library: Videos and DVDs available nationwide for two week loan. $100 refundable deposit required per tape borrowed.

University of Colorado, Teaching East Asia: Resource Center
TEA's Curriculum Resource Center offers teachers throughout the western U.S. access to classroom resources. Print and audio-visual materials are available for two-week loan; artifact trunks for one-week rental.

University of California-Berkeley, Media Resources Center
(Videos are not available for borrowing outside the University of California system.)
Asian, Pacific, and South Asian American Studies
China, Japan, Korea and Pacific Islands
South and East Asian Cinema
South and Southeast Asia

University of North Carolina Media Resource Center
By selecting the genre index, you can view the filmogrpahy for South Asia and Southeast & East Asia.

University of Pennsylvania, South Asian Regional Studies Audio-Visual Library
Videos for free loan nationwide.

University of Texas-Austin, Center of Asian Studies, Outreach
Videos, slides, books, curriculum materials for free loan nationwide.

University of Virginia Center for South Asian Studies
Films and videos for free loan to educators in the Southeastern United States.

University of Washington: South Asia Resource Center
Extensive list of digital, print, and multimedia resources for South Asian Studies.

University of Wisconsin: Joint Center for International Studies at Milwaukee and Madison
Offers programs and resource guides and libraries for K-16 teachers.

Wilmington College Peace Resource Center
Videos on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and peace issues available for loan nationally.

Yale University's Program in International Educational Resources (PIER)
The PIER Teaching Resource Collection offers thousands of print and audio-visual materials for free loan to K-12 and college-level educators nationwide.

Internet Archive: Moving Picture Archive
Huge archive of online video; many Asian topics represented.


Last Updated September 1, 2007

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