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What is MPG?

MPG is the production unit attached to AEMS, and its mission is to create innovative media materials about Asia for educational uses. It does this by organizing project teams that bring together Asia specialists who have media experience with media professionals who are knowledgeable about Asian societies and histories.

In the 27 years since it began MPG has developed more than 30 video programs, many with allied teaching materials. Two MPG programs have aired widely over Public Broadcasting System stations; others have been broadcast regionally and locally; several have won awards in Japan and in the U.S. In 2006 MPG issued its first interactive DVD.

Most MPG teams have an international membership, and most projects involve cooperation with Asian institutions such as Japan's National Institute of Media Education, the National Museum of Japanese History, and the National University of Singapore.

Follow links to order films or contact us at (217) 333-9597 or for more information on obtaining DVDs.


Available Titles

Asia Video Reports

AEMS and the Social Science Education Consortium have created these K-12 learning modules on Japan that combine videos with print lesson plans and reading materials.

Individual Videos

NEW! So Long Asleep: Waking the Ghosts of a War
Can't Go Native?
On Another Playground: Japanese Popular Culture in America
Preaching from Pictures: A Japanese Mandala
Under Another Sun: Japanese in Singapore
Makiko's New World
Barbarians Fierce and Friendly
Candles for New Year's

Video Series

Japan: Resources for Understanding
A series of reports videotaped on location for public broadcast and classroom use.

Voices of Experience
This series features interviews with a variety of Japan Studies scholars each talking about his or her own research and evolving views of Japanese society. Each video is illustrated with photographs and video clips.

The Heritage of the Koto
This series features original performances by the Kurosawas, a family of accomplished musicians from northern Japan.

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