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Global Issues and Current Events

AEMS seeks to provide information on relevant and timely topics affecting Asia and beyond. We will continually be updating this section with new information and new topics.

For information on global issues explored in-depth, please click on one of the following:

Asian Reactions to the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election (Fall 2008)
HIV in Asia
(Fall 2008)
China's May 12 Earthquake
(Summer 2008)
2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing (Spring-Summer 2008)
Protests in Burma (November 2007)
Manufacturing in China: The Toy Scandals (Fall 2007)
Hong Kong: Ten Years Later (July 2007)
North Korea Nuclear Test (October 2006)
Atomic Bomb Anniversary(August 2005)
Avian Influenza
World Exposition 2005
December 2004 Tsunami and its Aftermath
Outsourcing Jobs

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