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Digital Asia: Making Your Own Documentary

MARCH 10, 2007, 10 am till 3 pm
Foreign Language Building, Rm G-17
Pre-registration required by March 1
FREE • Lunch provided

Presented by Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies (EAPS),
Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS) / Media Production Group (MPG),
and Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences (ATLAS)

Download the Flyer and Registration Form

Do you have an idea for a documentary film but have no idea where to begin? This workshop will help get you started.

Filmmaking veterans David Plath and Jacquetta Hill of MPG will be joined by media experts Paul Riismandel and Colleen Cook of ATLAS to give an overview of the filmmaking process, from framing your project, through funding and planning, to filming in the field, and finally, post-production. Discussion of equipment choices, as well as on- and off-campus resources will be included.

This workshop is intended for faculty and graduate students who do research in Asia. No experience or training in media design or techniques is assumed. Perhaps you have a long-running research project with years of accumulated data and video footage, or perhaps you are preparing to embark on your first field research trip. What matters is your desire to communicate your research about Asia through today’s user-friendly audio-visual media.

We would like to hear about what you have in mind before the workshop. When you register, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out about your project (however realized or imaginary it may be). Please return this questionnaire by March 2.
To register, contact Tanya Lee with:

  • your name
  • department
  • title/position
  • email address
  • telephone number and
  • campus address

or call 217-265-0642.

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