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**News and Reviews: Fall 2009 - ONLINE NOW**
Our Debut Online Only Issue With Interactive Links
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Fall 2009

Don't miss any of our film reviews, teaching essays, or filmmaker interviews. To join our email list, just drop a line to, or fill in our online contact form and ask to be added. Each time the newsletter is published, you'll receive an email with a link to download the new issue; we'll also continue to send you announcements of new features on the AEMS website and other AEMS news of interest.

Four times a year, AEMS publishes New and Reviews, a free eNewsletter for educators with review articles on recent Asia-related films and other multi-media resources, as well as essays on teaching about Asia. Our reviewers are experts in their fields and active educators; they evaluate films and other resources for content, accuracy, appeal, and educational usefulness.

On this page, you can download past issues of our print newsletter in PDF format. This requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader. Most of the issues through Summer 2009 are also available as print copies upon request. Just drop us a line to request copies of back issues.

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Fall 2009


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