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Bargain Buys - Inexpensive Media for Educators

Here at AEMS, we recognize that not everyone can afford to show $200 videos in their classrooms, nor is it necessary to pay that much to receive quality instructional resources. The film quality of many inexpensive documentaries is often, in fact, very good, because their distributors have the money to mass-produce them. But, as with all products sold cheaply, large quantities of these videos must sell in order for the distributors to make a profit. Therefore, moderately-priced videos need to have broad appeal, resulting in productions that are frequently, but not always, more general and not at the cutting edge of their field. While this may decrease the value of these films in professional and graduate school settings, it makes them perfect, if done well, for introducing Asia to K-12 students and in lower level college classes.

These articles, all of which were featured in AEMS' newletter News and Reviews, recommend inexpensive resources that the staff considers worthwhile. Each column focuses on a different region of Asia, excluding material that is overly orientalizing, unclear, or lacks academic content. For information about public preformance rights, visit the Social Studies School Service's homepage.

You may contact us via e-mail, or by telephone at (217) 333-9597.

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