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Guidelines for Writers

The Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS) helps educators at all levels (elementary through college) find multimedia resources for learning and teaching about Asia in order to enhance students' understandings of Asian cultures and peoples. News and Reviews is a free online newsletter for educators that is published four times a year and includes review articles on recent Asia-related films and other multi-media resources, as well as essays on teaching about Asia using multimedia technology.

Articles submitted to News and Reviews should provide a basic overview of the materials under review and speak specifically to the ways in which these materials may be used in a classroom environment to teach about Asia. Authors are encouraged to assess the suitability of the materials for different age groups. Articles should be approximately 1000 words or less in length. Upon submission, the editor will work in consultation with the author in order to ensure that the review meets the needs of the newsletter and its readers. Since the primary aim of our publication is to recommend useful resources to teachers, AEMS is unlikely to publish an overall negative review, but we do invite constructive criticism from our reviewers where appropriate.

Articles will be published on the AEMS website as a stand-alone review and will be made available there indefinitely. AEMS retains world rights to the articles. Since our goal is to disseminate this information as widely as possible, we reserve the right to allow others to republish them.

While the majority of AEMS articles are solicited by the editor, we also welcome unsolicited submissions for reviews and pedagogical essays. Please email the editor with an informal query for approval before submitted an unsolicited manuscript.

Please submit your manuscript as an MS Word attachment to the AEMS News and Reviews Editor, William Londo ( Please include a short bio. Manuscripts should be received by the assigned deadline.

Key points for News and Reviews writers:

  • Length of review to be ~1000 words or less in order to hold readers' attention throughout.
  • Provide an overview of the material under review.
  • Evaluate the quality of material, both cinematic and content-wise.
  • Discuss if and how the material might be used in a classroom setting.
  • Provide A list of ~3-5 terms or key words, which we call "study areas"
    that teachers can use as an aid to searching the AEMS database.
  • Please also use a somewhat journalistic format that let's your reader
    know about the film in the first paragraph, so that users browsing
    "above the fold" will be clear about what your review will say.
  • Reviews should be sent to the editor by e-mail attachment in Word document format.

You can view recent newsletters to see how reviews are typically structured here.


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Last updated: August 7, 2012
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