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The Unforgiven: Q&A Session with Film Director YOON Jong-bin

September 29, 2006, Asian Film Festival
Boardman’s Art Theatre, Champaign, Illinois

The public screening of the film was followed by a discussion with the film's director, Mr. YOON Jong-bin.

still from The Unforgiven

YOON Jong-bin, 27, has received international critical acclaim for his first feature film, The Unforgiven, made as his senior project in film school. At its debut in the Pusan International Film Festival, The Unforgiven earned three prizes: Best Korean Feature, Most Popular Film in the New Currents section, and the FIPRESCI (International Film Critics) prize. YOON's controversial exposé of psychological and physical violence within South Korea's conscript military has stimulated a national dialogue on the subject, some of which comes out in our local—yet multiethnic and multinational—discussion.

A synopsis of the film may be found here.

YOON Jong-bin, Director (The Unforgiven)
Jinhee Lee, Translator
Tanya Lee, Moderator

View the Q&A session


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