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Taegukgi: the Brotherhood of War

February 7, 2006 at the University of Illinois
Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War Panel Discussion

Sony Pictures' Taegukgi film website
Official Sony site with synopsis, cast and crew biographies, multimedia, and historical background.

(still from the official website)

Summary of Videotaped Panel Discussion

Kang Je-Gyu, Director/Producer
   (Ginko Bed, Shiri, Taegukgi)
Lee Hana, Co-producer
Lee Young-Lan, Professor of Theatre,
   Kyung Hee University, actress in Taegukgi
Lee Hyangjin, Professor of film,
   author of Contemporary Korean Cinema

Event Organizer: David Desser, Professor, Unit for Cinema Studies
Chair: Frances Gateward, Professor, Unit for Cinema Studies

Professor Frances Gateward leads this panel discussion with leading Korean filmmaker Kang Je-Gyu and other experts on contemporary Korean cinema. The panelists address the current state of Korean cinema, changes in the Korean film industry, and the effects of the "Korean wave" on Asian popular culture. The discussion introduces clips from some of Kang's films, including his successful film, Shiri (1999). Kang comments on a variety of topics, including his inspiration for Taegukgi, and the influence of foreign films on his own work.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background as a Screenwriter and Director
  3. Inspiration of Ginko Bed
  4. Commentary on the South Korean Film Industry
  5. Shift Within the Global Production of Action Films
  6. Making of a War Film and its Historical Significance
  7. Social Impact of Political Films in South Korea
  8. Financing and Production of Taegukgi
  9. Images of the Korean War Shared by South Koreans
  10. Historical and Ideological Significance of the Film Taegukgi
  11. Kang's View on the Division of the Two Koreas
  12. Directorial Influences on Kang's Filmmaking
  13. Comments on Casting
  14. Comments on the Screen Quota System
  15. Global Circulation of Kang's Films


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Last Updated March 07, 2007
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