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An Afghan Village
Series Title:Faces of Change: Afghanistan
Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Documentary Educational Resources
Media Type:Videocassette
Release Date:1974
Audience:Higher Education
Running Time:44 minutes
Physical Description:color, VHS
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Subheading:History, 1951-1980
Rural Conditions
Region:Central Asia


"A collage of daily life in Aq Kupruk builds from the single voice that calls the townspeople to prayer, the brisk exchange of the baazar, communal labor in the fields, and the uninhibited sports and entertainment of rural Afghans. Filmed in the Balkh Province, an area inhabited by Tajik and other Central Asian peoples. The town of Aq Kupruk is approximately 320 miles northwest of Kabul. The theme of the film focuses on rural society. The film and accompaning instructor notes explore concepts of development, modernization, environmental equilibrium, and especially change, identifying change agents, and analyzing barries and stimulants to change."

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