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Our database contains thousands of records with information about educational media for use in learning and teaching about Asia.

The database includes information about media in a variety of types--audio cassettes, video cassettes, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, plus curriculum units with audio-visual components. Media include those appropriate for educational levels from elementary and secondary school to college and university and on an array of subjects pertaining to East, South, and Southeast Asia. Some Asian feature films are also included.

Please note: Except for a small number of our own videos and guides, AEMS does not sell, distribute, publish, or market the items listed in the database. The database is intended as a service that will faciliatate the process of finding relevent media. Distributors are listed with every item. Users of the database are encouraged to contact distributors directly for more information.

AEMS staff have identified the major distributors and producers of educational media in Asian Studies, mostly located in the U.S. Materials in the English language and that are readily available now are given priority in the database listings. Also available are comments from our site users, and contact information for distributors. Abstracts in the database are taken directly from promotional material such as catalogues and brochures provided by distributors and producers. AEMS is not responsible for misleading or incorrect information in these abstracts.

The database also includes evaluations prepared by our international panels of reviewers who assign ratings to items. Not all items have been evaluated, but we will continue to add more reviews to the database.

For more information about the database, please see the search help, descriptions of database fields and list of subject terms. If you are a distributor or producer of media materials on Asia, please read our note to distributors and find out how you can assist us.

The database is a work in progress. To ensure that AEMS meets your needs for information about educational media on Asia, we welcome your suggestions and comments on user interface, functionality, and database content.
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