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All Under Heaven: Life in a Chinese Village
Series Title:One Village in China Series
Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Long Bow Group
Media Type:Videocassette
Release Date:1986
Audience:Higher Education
Secondary Education
Running Time:60 min.
Physical Description:one video cassette, 60 min.
Resource Library Number:EACV 50
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Economics and Business
Subheading:Economic Development
History, 1900-1950
History, 1951-1980
Rural Conditions
Social Change
Region:East Asia


By Carma Hinton and Richard Gordon. "The triology was described in the JOURNAL OF ASIAN STUDIES as 'an empathetic introduction to a handful of people who live in a complexly textured world of large power constellations, intimate social relations and deep moral dilemmas.' The national newspaper USA TODAY wrote that 'ONE VILLAGE IN CHINA allows real people to speak directly to us. Their simple words do more to illuminate our similarities and differences than any recap of research ever could.'" The series includes SMALL HAPPINESS: WOMEN OF A CHINESE VILLAGE, ALL UNDER HEAVEN: LIFE IN A CHINESE VILLAGE, and TO TASTE A HUNDRED HERBS: GODS, ANCESTORS and MEDICINE IN A CHINESE VILLAGE. ALL UNDER HEAVEN is a penetrating account of change and continuity in a north Chinese village. Providing an intimate look at daily life in Long Bow Village. Recounting the 1949 revolution, collectivization, the Great Leap Forward, and decollectiviation, it presents a story of the persistence of traditional life through adjustments to these great political and economic changes.

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