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 TitleMediaYearEducation Level
Examining the "Economic Miracle" of East Asia: Peter Berger  Videocassette1994Higher Education
Secondary Education
10,000 Shovels: China's Urbanization and Economic Development  Curriculum Unit2007Higher Education
Secondary Education
1-800-India: Importing a White-Collar Economy  DVD
2005Secondary Education
2,000 Years of Freedom and Honor: The Cochin Jews of India  Videocassette1992, 1997Higher Education
Secondary Education
27 Dollars: Banking for the Poor  Videocassette2003High School
Higher Education
30 Seconds of Gold: Advertising on Chinese TV  DVD
2006Higher Education
Secondary Education
A Global Investigation of Child Labor: Case Studies from India, Uganda, and the United States  Curriculum Unit2001High School
Higher Education
Middle/Junior High School
A South Asia Curriculum: Teaching About India  Curriculum Unit1994Secondary Education
A Visit to Ogawa Productions  Videocassette2001Higher Education
Access Japan - Reviving Japan's Economy   Videocassette1999Higher Education
Professional Development
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