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Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Icarus Films
Review Available:Review
Media Type:DVD
Release Date:2007
Audience:Higher Education
High School
Running Time:52 min.
Physical Description:(Null)
Language:English with subtitles
Author:A Film by Sigrun Norderval & Gard A. Andreassen :
Icarus Films
Resource Library Number:SADVD 48
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Philosophy and Religion
Politics and Government
Gender and Women's Studies
Subheading:Courts and Judiciary
Human Rights
Local Government
Social Conditions
Social Problems
Region:South Asia


When Mukhtar Mai was brutally raped by four men for standing up for her family it was thought she would kill herself (in accord with local tradition).  Instead Mukhtar reported the rape to the police and when they did nothing she took her story to a local journalist.  From there her story became an international example of the oppression of women under fundamentalist Islamic law.  Despite many death threats Mukhar Mai continued her plight for justice by helping start a Crisis Relief Centre for abused women and a children's school.  Over four years she also published her autobiography that was published in 21 languages and travelled the world to spread her message of justice.

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