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Families of Korea
Variant Title:Families of the World: Families of South Korea
Series Title:Families of the World
Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Asia for Kids
Teacher's Discovery
Media Type:Videocassette
Release Date:2001
Audience:Elementary Education
Running Time:30 min.
Physical Description:1 videocassette (ca. 30 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
1 videodisc (ca. 30 min.): sd., col., 4 3/4"
Author:Arden Films, Inc.; Master Communications, Inc. ; Families of the World
Resource Library Number:EAKV 16; EAKDVD 65
ISBN:DVD: 1888194677; 9781888194678
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Subheading:Children and Youth
Rituals and Customs
Rural Conditions
Sports and Games
Urban Conditions
Region:East Asia
Country:South Korea


Consists of two 15 minute programs narrated in the first person, in a child's voice, that show real life activities, people, and places of South Korea. Covers home and family life, education, food, and cultural activities. The first segment follows third-grader Heejin, who lives in the 600-year-old village of Hahoe and is learning that village's ancient mask dance tradition. Also looks at the restaurants run by her mother and grandmother, rice farming, a factory that produces handmade paper, and a local market. The second segment follows 9-year-old Kitae in Seoul, the capital of Korea, through a busy day in school and at his many after-school activities, such as art and tae kwon do. Shows Kitae's mother shopping for food and preparing a special dinner. Also follows his father to the factory that he manages. || Part of the award winning "Families of the World" Series -- "Family life in different countries is the focus of this live action series. Each video contains two segments that follow a different child from morning to bedtime. Narrated in the first person, in a child's voice, the segments show real-life activities, people and places... The videos make no comparisons or judgments, merely showing what life is like in a loving family in a foreign culture. Beliefs that shape family life are briefly introduced when appropriate... This excellent series will give children an intriguing taste of another culture, and allow them to compare and contrast it with their own. Teachers will find this a useful addition to the study of other countries, adding flavor to the facts." -- School Library Journal, October, 1997 || Teacher's Guide available at

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