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Japan: The Changing Tradition Series
Series Title:Japan: The Changing Tradition Series (16 Programs)
Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Great Plains National
Media Type:Videocassette
Release Date:1978
Audience:Higher Education
Secondary Education
Running Time:30 min. each; 16 programs
Physical Description:16 videocassettes (30 min. ea.): col., 1/2"
Author:University of Mid-America
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Subheading:History, Early Modern (17th-19th Century)
History, Modern (19th-20th Century)
Rituals and Customs
Region:East Asia


"This series of sixteen 30-minute programs examines modern Japanese history from the first contacts with the West in the 1500s up to the 1970s. Comprehensive and in-depth, these documentary-style films use a vast array of source material from the U.S. and Japan, including archival film footage, historical films and contemporary TV commercials." 1 - The Cross and the Gun 2 - Revere the Emperor Expel the Barbarian 3 - Rich Country Strong Military 4 - The Meiji Transformation 5 - Men of Action 6 - The Road to Disaste 7 - Rebirth of a Nation 8 - A Nation Among Equals 9 - Made in Japan 10 - The Fragile Economy 11 - Of the People 12 - Democracy with a Difference 13 - Society and the Individual 14 - The Search for Opportunity 15 - The Japanese Style 16 - Three Families

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