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Japan: The Living Tradition - series
Series Title:Japan: The Living Tradition (14 Programs)
Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Great Plains National
Media Type:Videocassette
Release Date:1976
Audience:Higher Education
Secondary Education
Running Time:30 min. each
Physical Description:14 videocassettes (30 min. ea.): col., 1/2"
Author:University of Mid-America
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Subheading:History, Early (Before 17th Century)
History, Early Modern (17th-19th Century)
History, Modern (19th-20th Century)
Region:East Asia


"This series examines the pre-modern history and traditional culture of Japan. The programs, produced by the University of Mid-America in 1976 for high school through adult audiences, are designed to introduce Americans to Japanese history and culture which is still tightly interwoven into the fabric of modern Japanese society. Dr. Edwin O. Reischauer, who was senior advisor to University of Mid-America during development of this series, says: 'These programs offer an understanding of Japan, and its history and culture, which would otherwise take years of study and residence in Japan to acquire. I know of nothing else which so clearly and dramatically conveys a realistic impression of Japan as it has evolved through the years and as it is today.' Other course components include two textbooks, Japan: The Story of a Nation, by Edwin O. Reischauer (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.) and Japanese Literature: An Introduction for Western Readers by Donald Keene (Grove Press, Inc.); a study guide; newspaper feature articles; viewing notes; one 60-minute audiocassette; a map; and an instructor's guide. There is also a guide for high school teachers to help them adapt the series for secondary classroom use."

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