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Jackson Bailey
Variant Title:Voices of Experience: Jackson H. Bailey
Series Title:Voices of Experience
Content:Documentary Film
Available From:Media Production Group
Media Type:DVD
Release Date:1992
Audience:Higher Education
Running Time:30 min.
Author:Director: Chet Kincaid; Producer: Hajime Ikeda; Media Production Group
Resource Library Number:EAJV 095; EAJDVD 50
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology
Description and Travel
Subheading:Cities & Villages
Rural Development & Urbanization
Social Change
Region:East Asia


Professor Jackson Bailey speaks on rice-roots responses to four decades of social change, as depicted in his book on regional development in a Tohoku village, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives. || The Voices of Experience series features interviews with a variety of Japan Studies scholars each talking about his/her research and their evolving views of Japanese society.

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