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Alan G. Chalk Guides to Japanese Films

The Asian Educational Media Service thanks Alan G. Chalk for making these guides available to users of this site. These guides may be reproduced for educational use at no charge but may not be used for any commercial purpose without the express permission of the author.

Part I: For Students of Literature and the Humanities

1. Legend of the Moon Princess/Big Bird in Japan

2. The Tale of Genji

3. Kesa and Morito

4. Rashomon

5. King Lear/Ran

6. The Martyr

7. The Holy Man of Mt. Koya/The Priest of Mt. Koya

8. Sorekara

9. The Izu Dancer

10. Snow Country

11. The Makioka Sisters

12. Twenty-Four Eyes

13. The Harp of Burma

14. The Sound of the Waves

15. The Temple of the GoldenPavilion/Enjo

16. Patriotism

17. Muddy River

18. The Japanese Family and Education

19. Madame Butterfly: American Stereotypes of Japanese Women

20. Baseball: American Game, Japanese Rules

Part II: For Students of Asian, World and United States History

1. Geography: The Village, Farm, and Rice

2. Imperial Japan: The Paths to War, Perspectives on Japanese Patriotism

3. Pearl Harbor: American and Japanese Perspectives

4. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Japanese Experience

5. The Samurai: Warrior to Kamikaze to Baseball Player

6. Women of Japan: Tradition and Change, A Historical Perspective

copyright Alan G. Chalk 2000

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