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The Institute will begin before participants take up residence. We will establish an interactive web-based discussion group. This will serve to introduce the NEH Summer Scholars to each other and to begin the discussion of content. The easily accessible film To Live and the novel from which it is adapted will be assigned. In addition to the novel, three texts that will also serve as excellent future reference works and original source material for teaching will be provided to each participant in advance of the workshop. The texts are China Candid by Ye, Barmé and Lang, Modern China by Moïse, and Sinascape by Xu. All additional required readings will be posted on a locked website, to be read prior to specific classes, and hard copies of these and recommended readings will be placed on reserve in the AEMS library. NEH Summer Scholars will also be requested to bring laptop computers, preferably with DVD drives, so they can access specific websites, borrow and screen films from the AEMS library, and create their own DVDs in pedagogy workshops.  Computers and DVD players will also be made available at AEMS. We expect that working either in groups or individually, everyone will create a film-specific curriculum, working either individually or in groups. These will be due after the end of the Institute. Short film "reactions" may also be required from time to time.

The program day will primarily take place between 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Because feature films are longer and we want to screen as many as possible, some evening screenings will take place in a less formal environment. Each morning will generally begin with a contextualizing lecture followed by a film. All films screened will be introduced by the instructor and referenced to the morning lecture which precedes them, with suggestions as to elements to look for in the film. In some instances, longer lectures utilizing film clips may replace this format. In these cases, full copies of the film(s) referenced will be made available for loan. All screenings/lectures will be followed by a discussion. Afternoons will frequently include workshops on developing film-based curriculum, led by both a scholar and an experienced master teacher.

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