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Nancy Jervis is Institute Co-Director and the former Program Director of the Asian Educational Media Service at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology, specializing in China, from Columbia University, and for many years headed China Institute's Teach China program for educators. Nancy worked at the Chinese film Import/Export Corporation in Beijing, where she lived for three years, and has directed two prior Summer Institutes for Teachers.

Gary Xu, Institute Co-Director, is Associate Professor of Chinese Literature, Cinema, and Criticism at the University of Illinois. He holds a distinguished visiting professorship at Shanghai Jiaotong University. His research and teaching focuses on modern Chinese literature, Chinese cinema, and contemporary Chinese visual culture. Gary teaches annually in the University of Indiana's NCTA program for teachers, and has authored two books on Chinese cinema and contemporary visual arts.

Stanley Rosen, a principal faculty member for the Institute, is the Director of the East Asian Studies Center at the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and a professor of political science at the University of Southern California specializing in Chinese politics and society. The author or editor of eight books and many articles, he has written on such topics as the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese legal system, public opinion, youth, gender, human rights, and film.

Myron Cohen, a principal faculty member, is the Director of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and a professor of anthropology at the Columbia University in New York specializing in Chinese society and the changes it has undergone from the 17th century to the present. He has carried out fieldwork and other research in Taiwan and in northern, eastern, and western mainland China.

Charles W. Hayford is an Independent Scholar and Editor, Journal of American-East Asian Relations. He has taught Chinese history, Japanese history, Chinese and Japanese film, and US-China Relations at several colleges and universities, including Harvard University, Oberlin College, and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Chicago. He's the author of To the People: James Yen and Village China (Columbia University Press, 1990); and China (World Bibliography Series, ABC-Clio, 1997), and many articles, most recently focused on Asian film.  He has taught nine Chicago NCTA Seminars.

Paul Pickowicz, a principal faculty member for the Institute, is Distinguished Professor of History and Chinese Studies at the University of California at San Diego, where he has served on the faculty for 36 years. He is the inaugural holder of the UC San Diego Endowed Chair in Modern Chinese History. His main research interest is the social and cultural history of 20th century China.

William Rothman, received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Harvard, where he was an Associate Professor in Visual and Environmental Studies (1976-84). Professor Rothman was Director of the International Honors Program on Film, Television and Social Change in Asia (1986-90). Since 1990, he has taught at the University of Miami, where he is Professor of Motion Pictures and Director of the M.A. and Ph.D. Programs in Film Studies. He was the founding editor of Harvard University Press's "Harvard Film Studies" series, and is currently series editor of Cambridge University Press's "Studies in Film."


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