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New Acquisitions Since January 2007
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Exiled DVD China
Forever Enthralled DVD China
Forsaken Land DVD Sri Lanka
Let it Be DVD China
Making Peace with Vietnam DVD Vietnam
Woman on the Beach DVD South Korea
Between Heaven and Earth CD Taiwan
Cape no. 7 DVD China
Central Asia : between peril and promise CU Central Asia
China and the World in 2010 : an introduction to futures studies CU China
China's Cultural Revolution CU China
Chinese Dynasties, Part One: the Shang Dynasty through the Tang Dynasty 1600 BCE to 907 CE CU China
CJ7 DVD China
Comparative Health Care : the United States and Japan CU Japan/USA
Contagion in the East : a look at the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis CU Japan

Diamonds in the Rough : Baseball and Japanese-American Internment

CU/DVD/Book USA/Japan
Discovery Box: Exploring Culture through Artifacts CU Asia General
Ethnic Minority Groups in China CU China
Ghost Dog DVD China
Genshiken: complete collection
volume 1
volume 2
volume 3
DVD Japan
Hiroshima : perspectives on the Atomic Bombing CU Japan
An Introduction to Sovereignty: a case study of Taiwan CU Taiwan
Japanese Art in the Edo Period CU Japan
Japanese Migration and the Americas: an introduction to the study of migration CU Japan/USA
A Journey Shared: the United States and China: 200 Years of History CU China/USA
Kabul Transit DVD Afghanistan
Please Vote for Me DVD China
Pennies a Day DVD South Asia
Postmodern Life of my Aunt DVD China
Red Scarf Girl Book China
Religions and philosophies in China: Confusionism, Daoism, and Buddhism CU China
The Road to Beijing - Middle School CU China
The Roots of Japanese Anime: Until the end of WWII with 8 ground-breaking films DVD Japan
The San Francisco Peace Treaty : the Cold War and the Peace Process CU Japan/USA
The Social Fabric of Japan: case studies of selected minority groups CU Japan
Sunflower DVD China
Tea and the Japanese Tradition of Chanoyu DVD Japan
Up the Yangtze DVD China
Bunt DVD South Korea
Christmas in August DVD South Korea
Epitaph DVD South Korea
Introducing Indonesia CU Indonesia
Indonesia: Country Briefing Book CU Indonesia
Man with Three Coffins DVD South Korea
Milky Way Liberation Front DVD South Korea
Like a Virgin DVD South Korea
The Seashore Village DVD South Korea
Secret Sunshine DVD South Korea
The Show Must Go On DVD South Korea
Taxi Blues DVD South Korea
People's Republic of Capitalism DVD China
Still Life DVD China
Tai Chi 4 Kids DVD Asia General
Kamikaze Girls DVD Japan
Mongol: the Rise of Genghis Khan DVD East Asia Other
Side Effects DVD Southern Asia
S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine DVD South East Asia
Taxi No. 9211 DVD Southern Asia
What I Want to Know about Japan DVD Japan
Explore Japan CU Japan
The Flute Player DVD Cambodia
Go Chi So: Japanese Cuisine DVD Japan
The History of Korea CD Korea
Part 1: Time for School: The Global Education Crisis DVD Asia General
Part 2: Back to School: The Ongoing Struggle to Educate the World’s Children DVD Asia General
Pictures at an Election DVD Japan
Wings of Defeat DVD/VG Japan
Your Guide to Japan CU Japan
The Beat, beat, beat of Korean Rak DVD South Korea
Hangeul, the dream alphabet of the world DVD North and South Korea
Jeju onggi, crafted from stones and fire with the spirit of Jeju DVD South Korea
Korea's Traditional Tastes : Traditions Beyond 500 Years DVD South Korea
Summer Palace DVD China
Kandahar: Journey into the Heart of Afghanistan DVD Afghanistan
Chengo Chinese e-language learning system CD-ROM/ VCD China
Tampopo DVD Japan
Chinese Dynasties Part Two: The Song Dynasty through the Qing Dynasty, 960 to 1911 Curriculum Unit China
Why has Bodhi Dharma Left for the East? DVD Korea
Lost in Beijing DVD China
Vanaja DVD India
Mysterious Object at Noon DVD Thailand
The Dragon Painter DVD Japan
The Road to Beijing (also DVD and CD-ROM) Curriculum Unit China
US-South Korean Relations (SPICE unit) DVD US/South Korea
Images of Korea DVD South Korea
Friend DVD South Korea
Naulwan Passion DVD Taiwan
Taiwan Blooms Across the World DVD Taiwan
Fishing Luck DVD Taiwan
Frontiers of a Forbidden Land: 1916-1917 VHS China
Last Emperor DVD China
Restoring Phralak-Phralam (the Lao Ramayana) to Vat Oub Mong (ebook) CD-ROM Laos
Red Corner DVD China
Spy Game DVD Vietnam
She Wants to Talk to You DVD Nepal
Night of Magic: the Lantern Festival of Taiwan DVD Taiwan
Three Times DVD Taiwan
Black Rain DVD Japan
Destination Tokyo VHS Japan
Empire of the Sun VHS Japan
2638. samurai VHS USA
Kamikaze: Mission of Death VHS Japan
Satya:A Prayer for the Enemy DVD Tibet
Taiwan's Festivals DVD Taiwan
Campaign (Senkyo) DVD Japan
Computer Projection in Lost Murals Replication (ebook) Curriculum Unit Southeast Asia
Night Passage DVD USA/Japan
Water in Mainland Southeast Asia (ebook) Curriculum Unit Southeast Asia
Bangkok Girl Documentary Thailand
Crazy Stone Feature Film China
Eternal Wave, The Feature Film China
Goopy Bagha Phiray Elo Feature Film India
Incense Feature Film China
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 1 Documentary Korea
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 2 Documentary Korea
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 3 Documentary Korea
Korean Arts & Lifestyle 4 Documentary Korea
Mongolian Ping Pong Feature Film Mongolia
Morning Raga: A Meeting of Worlds Feature Film India
My Long March Feature Film China
Namastey London Feature Film London
Om Shanti Om Feature Film India
On Another Playground Documentary Japan
Singapore Gaga Documentary Singapore
Those Left Behind Feature Film China
Tunnel Warfare Feature Film China
Golden Venture Documentary Asian Americans (Chinese)
The Hanging Garden Feature Film Japan
Journey into Buddhism: Dharma River Documentary Southeast Asia
Journey into Buddhism: Prajna Earth Documentary Southeast Asia
Journey into Buddhism: Vajra Sky Over Tibet Documentary Southeast Asia
Strawberry Shortcakes Feature Film Japan
Yellow Tears Feature Film Japan
Food Force: Educational Video Game Game Asia General
Hiroshima No Pika / Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima Documentary Japan
Wool 100% Feature Film Japan
Magnificent Obsession: Frank Lloyd Wright's Building and Legacy in Japan Documentary Japan
Annyong, Sayonara Documentary Korea
Big Swindle, The Feature Film Korea
Blood of Yingzhou District Documentary China
Book of the Dead Feature Film Japan
Born to Fight Feature Film Thailand
Camellia Project: Three Queer Stories on Bogil Island Short Film Korea
Five is Too Many Feature Film Korea
The Forgotten Child: Shin Sung-Il is Lost Feature Film Korea
Friends or Foe Documentary Korea
Go Feature Film Japan
Good for Her Documentary Korea
Habitual Sadness Documentary Korea
Hinokio Feature Film Japan
Honey and Clover [VCD] Feature Film Japan
Korean Short Film Animation Collection, vol. 2 Short Films Korea
The Murmuring Documentary Korea
My Generation Feature Film Korea
My Own Breathing Documentary Korea
NANA Feature Film Japan
New Year Baby Documentary Cambodia
Room 708: A Letter from a Private Documentary Korea
Taste of Tea Feature Film Japan
White Light, Black Rain Documentary Japan
Arisan! Feature Film Indonesia
Barking Dogs Never Bite Feature Film Korea
Beijing Rocks Feature Film China
China Emerging Documentary China
Citizen Tanouye Documentary Japan
A Dirty Carnival Feature Film Korea
Driving With My Wife's Lover Feature Film Korea
Families of India Documentary India
Families of Korea Documentary Korea
Families of Thailand Documentary Thailand
Families of Vietnam Documentary Vietnam
Family Ties Feature Film Korea
If You Were Me 2 Short Film Korea
In Between Days Feature Film Asian Americans (Korea)
Love for Share Feature Film Indonesia
Madadayo Feature Film Japan
The Marines Who Never Returned Feature Film Korea
Mukhsin Feature Film Malaysia
Nature Pandas Documentary China
Our School Documentary Korea
Punam Documentary Nepal
Red Detachment of Women Feature Film China
Return to Ping Wei Documentary China
Senior Year Documentary China
Sparkling Red Star Feature Film China
Tisese: A Documentary on Three Mosuo Women Documentary China
The Vagina Monologues: Stories from China Documentary China
Village and Town Music of India & Nepal Documentary India & Nepal
Village Middle School Documentary China
Whispers and Moans Feature Film China
Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros Feature Film Philippines
Families of China [DVD ed.] Documentary China
Families of Japan [DVD ed.] Documentary Japan
The Golden Voice Feature Film Cambodia
The Holy Man Feature Film Thailand
Japan House Documentary Japan
The Lovers' Exile Feature Film Japan
My Neighbor Totoro Feature Film Japan
The Protector Feature Flm Thailand
Tentang Bulan Feature Film Malaysia
Train Man [Region 1 ed.] Feature Film Japan
Whisper of the Heart Feature Film Japan
Year of the Yao [NTSC ed.] Documentary China
Repatriation Documentary Korea
The Vagina Monologues (No English subtitles) Documentary China
1:99 Movie Collection VCD Film shorts China
A Story of Floating Weeds; Floating Weeds Feature Film Japan
As the Call, So the Echo Documentary Vietnam
Asia Pacific Performance Exchange 2000 Documentary Asia General
Rang De Basanti [Paint it Yellow] Feature Film India
Barefoot Gen The Movies 1 & 2 Feature Film Japan
Born to Fight Feature Film Thailand
Islam Asia Modernity Panel 1: Islam, Asia, and Modernity Documentary Asia General
Islam Asia Modernity Panel 2: Gender, Sexuality, and the Body in Asian Muslim Societies Documentary Asia General
Islam Asia Modernity Panel 3: Islamic Arts and National Cultures Documentary Asia General
Islam Asia Modernity Panel 4: The Crisis of Masculine Identities in Post Soviet and Post 9-11 Muslim Asia Documentary Asia General
Islam Asia Modernity Panel 5: Education and Islamic Legal Subjects in Asia Documentary Asia General
Islam Asia Modernity Panel 6: Asian Islam and the Politics of Knowledge Documentary Asia General
Out of the Poison Tree Documentary Cambodia
Shocking Family Documentary Korea
Tears of the Black Tiger Feature Film Thailand
The Host Feature Film Korea
Chilsu and Mansu EAKDVD 62.2
China from the Inside (the full documentary) EACDVD 59
China from the Inside Educators DVD EACDVD 58
Going to School in India SADVD 27
One Fine Spring Day EAKDVD 62.1
Repatriation EAKDVD 62.6
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance EAKDVD 62.4
Take Care of My Cat EAKDVD 62.5
The Coachman EAKDVD 62.3
Beyond Our Borders: Indonesia SEAV 106
Beyond Our Borders: Japan EAJV 153
Beyond Our Borders: Philippines SEAV 108
Beyond Our Borders: Thailand SEAV 107
Black Friday SADVD 26
Buffalo Boy SEADVD 35
For a Place Under the Heavens SAV 65
Forty-Seven Ronin, The: Parts 1 & 2 EAJV 174
From Africa ... To India SAV 60
Gate of Hell EAJV 173
Heaven and Earth EAJV 167
I Not Stupid SEADVD 34
I Not Stupid Too SEADVD 33
Japan: The Legacy of the Shoguns EAJV 181
Japan: The Sword and the Chrysanthemum EAJV 180
JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dane: Southeast Asia I: Vietnam/Cambodia SEAV 105
Kagemusha [The Shadow Warrior] EAJV 171
Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail, The EAJV 175
My Beautiful Girl, Mari EAKDVD 59
North Korea: A Legacy of Tension EAKDVD 60
Paranoia Agent: Volume 3 EAJDVD 74
Rashomon EAJV 176
Religions of the World: Buddhism AGDVD 9
Religions of the World: Hinduism SADVD 24
Religions of the World: Islam SADVD 26
Samurai 1 EAJV 162
Samurai 2: Duel at Ichijoji Temple EAJV 163
Samurai 3: Duel at Ganryu Island EAJV 164
Samurai Saga [Aru Kengo No Shogai] EAJV 168
Sepet SEADVD 36
Shocking Family EAKDVD 61
Sky Burial EAODVD 6
Spotlight of Ramayana: An Enduring Tradition SACU 3
Taira Clan Saga [Shin Heiki Monogatari] EAJV 182
Throne of Blood EAJV 172
Traitors of the Blue Castle EAJV 166
U.S. Tour of 30 Years of Sisterhood EAJDVD 73
Ugetsu EAJV 165
Amongst White Clouds EACDVD 56
China Blue EACDVD 57
Fog of War, The AGDVD 8
Lage Raho Munna Bhai SADVD 23
Land of the Dragon EACDVD 55
Linda Linda Linda EAJDVD 72
Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara [I Did Not Kill Gandhi] SADVD 22
New Year in Ping Wei EACDVD 54
One Day in Ping Wei EACDVD 53
Perfection of Wisdom, The EAODVD 3
Pilot Guides Presents South Korea EAKV 23
Tibetan Village Wedding EAODVD 4
Tibetan Woman’s Life EAODVD 5
Family Project: House of a Father EAKDVD 58
Voices of Experience: Metropolitan Japan EAJDVD 56
Voices of Experience: Northeastern Japan EAJDVD 55
Voices of Experience: Rural Japan EAJDVD 58
Chalo Hindi Bolay SADVD 21
Chinese Dice AGG 3
Film Asia AGCU 15
Japanland EAJDVD 43
Milan SEADVD 29
Rain Dogs SEADVD 30
Three Gorges: The Biggest Dam in the World EACDVD 51
Tropical Malady SEADVD 28
6ixtynin9 SEADVD 31
A Grand Collection of Swordsman 2: Swordsman 2 and Swordsman 3 EACDVD 50
Chungking Express EACDVD 45
Citizen Dog SEADVD 27
Durian Durian EACDVD 40
Frontiers of a Forbidden Land: 1916-1917 EACV 133
Initial D EACDVD 46
JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance Book IV: South Asia SAVG 1
Millennium Actress EAJDVD 42
Spirits [Oan Hon] SEADVD 26
The God of Cookery EACDVD 44
The Men Who Would Conquer China EACDVD 43
Bombay SADVD 1
Ch’uan Miao Hill People of Western China, 1936 EACV 132
Chicken Rice War SEAV 103
China’s Mega Dam EACDVD 42
Dragon Inn EACDVD 39
Dream Car EACDVD 38
Festival EAKDVD 41
First Morning SEADVD 25
Hill Tribe Women SEAV 104
Kokoyakyu : High School Baseball EAJDVD 41
Korean Cinema Unleashed EAKDVD 57
Official Teacher’s Guide for The Fog of War : An Errol Morris Film AGVG 8
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles EACDVD 37
Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors EAKDVD 36.4

Last updated: October 11, 2008

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