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AEMS Media Library Borrower's Agreement

You must sign this agreement in person in order to receive
an AEMS library card

About the AEMS Media Library

The Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS) helps educators educators find multimedia resources for teaching about Asia in order to promote understanding of Asian cultures and peoples. AEMS has been a program of the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 1998, and our library has always been open to the general public (university affiliation is not required). We maintain a unique collection of over 1,000 high quality videos and curriculum materials, available for viewing or browsing in the library or for loan. We are a member library of the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS). As of July 1, 2008, we are part of an interlibrary loan network with the 118 LTLS member libraries in Central Illinois.

Loan Policies

Borrowers may have up 10 items checked out on their cards at a given time, for a period not to exceed one week (7 days) from the date that they are checked out. AEMS reserves the right to place items on reserve, which may reduce the borrowing period.

Patrons may renew items twice, for a period of 7 days each. Items may be renewed through the Illinois Heartland Library System SHARE online catalog, or by calling or e-mailing AEMS.

Returning items

Patrons may return items to AEMS or to any of the IHLS member libraries, and items belonging to other IHLS member libraries may be returned to AEMS.

Fines & Charges

Patrons will be charged 15 cents per day for each item kept past the due date. The maximum amount of fines allowed on a card before a borrower's privileges are suspended is $5.00. This may impact the borrower's privileges at other libraries.

In the case of lost or damaged items, borrowers must pay full replacement and processing costs.

Items in the AEMS collection can cost from $30 to $500 to replace.

Fines for materials from AEMS library can be paid at any of the IHLS member libraries, and fines for any IHLS member library can be paid at AEMS. Fines must be paid in person.

When an item is 13 days overdue, it is declared lost and the patron will be responsible for the full replacement value. Items may still be returned after being declared lost, and the replacement fee will be removed from the patron account.

Requesting a Hold

Patrons may request holds on most Library materials through the IHLS catalog or by contacting AEMS directly by phone or e-mail, and will be notified when a reserved material is ready for pick up. Items on hold not picked up within 5 days will be returned to the shelf. After that time it becomes the patron's responsibility to contact the library and re-request the item(s).

Courtesy Notices

Automated e-mails will be sent by IHLS to notify patrons when an item is 1 day overdue, 4 days overdue, 7 days overdue, and 10 days overdue. When an item is 13 days overdue, notification will be sent declaring the item lost. It is the patron's responsibility to notify AEMS if there is a change in e-mail address, telephone number, or mailing address.

Borrower's Acceptance of Responsibility

  • I am the only person authorized to borrow items with this card and am responsible for all such items until they are returned.
  • I will report a lost/stolen card or any change of e-mail or postal address promptly.
  • I understand that there is a charge for overdue, lost, damaged, and missing library materials.
  • I understand that the theft or damage of library materials may result in fines and/or penalties, including but not limited to forfeiture of my card and all borrowing privileges.
  • I have been issued a library card by AEMS that may be renewed every two years.

I read, understand, and agree to the above policies and terms.

Signature: __________________________________________________

Date: __________________


Last Modified: September 12, 2019

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